Centre of Excellence for Research in Sustainable Chemistry  


The CERSusChem is a GSK-FAPESP Engineering Research Centre. It is an initiative of researchers at the Chemistry Department of the Federal University of São Carlos aiming to promote the development and implementation of green and sustainable chemistry and related technologies.

The Centre is formed by 18 faculty members of 5 different Public Universities, UFSCar, UNICAMP, USP-Ribeirão Preto, UNESP and UFSC, with ongoing projects in the area and with well-established national and international research collaborations. The expertise in the area by this team has allowed a continuous work production at the state of the art and justified the creation of the Centre. The members of the CERSusChem have come together and defined a series of challenges, over-arching goals as long-term directions of research and integrative activities of the Centre.

The proposal features novel strategies from across pharma, biotech and academia to meet current challenges in organic synthesis focused in the principles of sustainable chemistry, such as: cascade organocatalytic/multicomponent reactions, nanomaterials, solvent free approach or bio-solvents, biocatalysis, flow chemistry and new models for protein ligand assays.

The education and knowledge dissemination action plan encompasses changeling approaches focused in all segment of society. A special attention is given in producing experimental training focused in qualified industry worker and secondary school teacher.

Technology transfer is an integrated part of this proposal and a master goal of this Centre. To meet this aim collaborative work with industrial partner is pursued in a flexible manner in order to respond to our partners’ necessities. Our final goal is the development of a tool box for operating catalytic reactions and assays which will afford practical applications impacting in the way of manufacturing new or well-established products with more environmental and economic returns, addressing social well-being and government legislation regarding environmental approaches.


The structural organization of the Centre is composed by two committees:


1) Executive Committee:

Director: Arlene G. Corrêa (DQ-UFSCar)

Deputy Director: Helen F. Sneddon (GSK Stevenage, UK)

Coordinator of Technology Transfer: Quezia B. Cass (DQ-UFSCar)

Coordinator of Education and Dissemination of Knowledge: Lucia H. Mascaro Sales (DQ-UFSCar)

Representative of Associated Labs: Anita J. Marsaioli (IQ-UNICAMP) and Marcio W. Paixão (DQ-UFSCar)


2) International Advisory Board:

Daniel Armstrong (The University of Texas Arlington, USA)

Hon Wai Lam (Nottingham University, UK)

Roger Sheldon (Delft University, The Netherlands)

Nicholas J. Turner (University of Manchester, UK)

Rajender S. Varma (Environmental Protection Agency - EPA, Cincinnati, Ohio, USA)