Short course: Process Chemisty in the Pharmaceutical Industry

Nos dias 3 e 4 de outubro será ministrado no DQ-UFSCar o minicurso: “Process Chemistry in the Pharmaceutical Industry”, pela Dra. Helen Sneddon, GSK Scientific Team Director Medicinal Chemistry, Stevenage – UK. A inscrição é gratuita e aberta a todos os interessados e pode ser feita até o dia 27/09/19 pelo email:

Programa do minicurso:

1st Day: Introduction to Process Chemistry

•        overview of how it is structured – with particular reference to the GSK experience

•        The varying role of Process Chemistry at different stages of Development

•        The specific challenges of scale up

•        The types of reactions done on scale

•        Process Safety: Thermal decomposition data, reaction calorimetry (with case studies)

•        Legal considerations – patent issues (with case study)

•        Economic issues – with case study

•        Control – with case studies (one about chocolate…one a more conventional chemistry story)

•        Throughput.

•        The Green Chemistry Perspective

•        Control in Process Development - Evolution of the Manufacturing Route to Vestipitant


2nd Day: Case studies

•        2,3-dihydrobenzofuran compounds for bromodomain inhibitors.

o        a particular focus of the challenges of fluorination chemistry

o        a gold mediated cyclisation

o        an overview of flow chemistry…and the specific way it could mediate a safety concern for a high temperature Claisen rearrangement in this project

o        the use of DoE…and its application in optimising an amino-carbonylation here.

•        Sulfur Chemistry

o        Development of a Solvent-Reagent Selection Guide for the Formation of Thioesters (and some challenges along the way)

o        Sulfonylative couplings and the challenges of using SO2.